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To the core team at Easven, identifying solutions that are customized to suit varying needs is of topmost priority. The underlying mission of the organization continues to be simple yet effective – customizing solutions. At Easven, there is a continual process of customer interaction that ensures computer solutions that are not just high-tech, but highly custom-made as well.

Since 1998, Easven has diversified, bringing customized training solutions into its range of operations. Keeping in mind the ever expanding needs of the IT industry, Easven’s core team is geared up to meet fresh challenges with technical knowhow and a professional approach.

Our team

N. Sudhakar, Founder Director

N. Sudhakar, the founder of Easven Computer Solutions started his career with the objective of bringing to the customer, specialized solutions that incorporate current techniques. With his background of Commerce, he was able to understand how to balance customer need, keeping in mind the cost factor. It was this keen business acumen that made Easven’s solutions efficient, customized and cost-effective.

Sudhakar continues to interact with the customer base that he has developed over the years, with a keen sense of market knowledge and technical expertise. He has kept pace with the fast developing trends in the software solutions arena and ensures professionalism at every step.

His association with companies in Coimbatore, Tirupur, Pollachi and surrounding areas, provides ample proof of his understanding of the needs of the Textile industry. He has not limited the scope of Easven to the textile industry; he has expanded it to include other areas such as the pharmaceutical, biometric, engineering etc.

Sudhakar has kept pace with updates and developing trends to ensure that he is able to interact effectively at various levels in the manufacturing as well as trading sectors of various industries. With Sudhakar at the helm, Easven continues to maintain a professional outlook that keeps it ahead of other software solutions-providers in the field.

N. Sooriya, Training Head

Sooriya brings to Easven a great deal of specialist skills and knowledge in more than one industry. ERP Solutions and Insurance are two major areas where she has proved her mettle as a trainer. With a master’s degree in Business Administration, Sooriya focused on professional development by undertaking specialized qualifications.

In the field of Insurance, she has acquired an Associate Level Diploma from Insurance Institute of India. In the field of ERP training, she decided to focus on Finance, Insurance, Banking and Business Objects, thereby making her a much sought-after trainer for SAP. In order to be in line with global standards of teaching and training, she continues to focus on professional development through an Edexcel, UK course. This qualification has helped her enhance her performance as a professional trainer.

In her long years of working, Sooriya has donned many roles. She started her career as an assistant in a Financial Consulting firm and then went on to lead a team as an Assistant Manager in ICICI Bank Ltd. Here, she was in charge of Retail Banking Operations and ensured that she emerged as a valued employee of the bank. Sooriya believes in the importance of updating specialist skills on a continuous basis. It is this professional approach that singles out Sooriya as an efficient trainer in the Insurance as well as ERP sectors.

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I must comment on the excellent level of service provided by yourselves. On each occasion that we have required assistance or general advice/guidance on related matters, your response has always been prompt and extremely professional. Keep up the good work!

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